The only off-line speedy App with the most comprehensive collection of (ir)regular Spanish verbs and dictionary in an easy-to-use, clean and uncluttered interface with flexible and quick search function at your fingertip! Features Spanish irregular verbs in various tenses# (standard and reflexive forms) and is suitable for use at all language proficiency levels A1 – C2. Full functionality available on the road in the absence of Internet network connection.

Optimised for mobile hand-held devices (works with tablets too)!

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Available for Android Google Play .

PRO VERSION The one-time fee (not subscription) helps us run the backend server infrastructure, provide regular updates, including growing verb/tense database and tech support.

IMPORTANT * Internet connection required: 1. at first startup of APP to initialize for full offline functionality 2. for product update (new, bug fixes and corrections) 3. to repair database [1]

[1] if #1 fails to completely initialize, click on SETTINGS / UPDATE and wait until “Update successful” or “NoContent” is shown.

KNOWN ISSUES 1. The rotating spinning icon (hour glass) does not go away. Cause: This is sometimes caused by delays in Android in sending a refresh signal. Fix: Simply type something in the search field or switch to another page in the APP. 2. An exclamation mark (!) is shown next to a verb’s conjugation. Cause: APP failed to completely initialize for full offline functionality at first startup. Fix: a. On your mobile device, turn on WiFi or mobile data. b. Start the App and tap on the drawer menu (3 bar hamburger symbol). c. Select SETTINGS then tap UPDATE under the GENERAL category. d. Wait until “Update successful” or “NoContent” is shown.

– Presente
– Pretérito Imperfecto (Copretérito)
– Pretérito Perfecto Simple (Pretérito)
– Futuro Simple (Futuro)
– Condicional Simple (Pospretérito)

– Presente
– Futuro Simple (Futuro)
– Pretérito Imperfecto (Copretérito)

– Gerundio
– Participio